Explore Baniyas in Its Finest Form with a Rental Car

Are you searching for convenient options to explore the various interesting places in and around Dubai? Perhaps, you could opt for excellent car rentals from top-rated rental companies. Baniyas is one of the most exciting places in Dubai. Several foreign tourists and local people visit the square on a daily basis. You can easily rent a car Dubai Baniyas and explore the area. The location is charming. You will feel rejuvenated from inside. You can choose your own car which you will drive. You can get the true essence of Baniyas when you roam around the place in a rented car.

Abraj Shopping Center

Do you love to shop? If yes, then drive to Baniyas and explore various branded stores at Abraj Shopping Center. You would come across several world-class products. If you are fond of accessories like leather bags, belts, wrist watches, shoes, etc., you can easily purchase the items from here. It is in the vicinity of Carlton Tower. Driving there will not be a problem from any part of Dubai. The roads are smooth, well-maintained and safe. You would enjoy your time at the shopping center.

Twin Towers Mall

How about doing more shopping at Baniyas? You would be related to explore the choices you have at the place. The Twin Towers Mall at Baniyas is an extremely high-end mall that would give you a wide spectrum of superior quality products. Whether you want to buy a suit, jewelry item or a sleek laptop, you can easily get the item here. The sheer glamour and plush quotients of the mall would baffle you. Even diplomats and celebrities buy various things here. The glitz of the Twin Towers Mall is no doubt extremely mesmerizing.

Deira Old Souk

If you are romantic and want to explore the coastal beauty of Dubai, then drive at the outskirts of Baniyas and you will soon reach Deira Old Souk. You can park your rented car at a protected place and hop onto a launch or speedboat to measure the charm of cool waters at the coast. The experience is soothing and fulfilling. There are also numerous high-end shops at this place.

Explore Hidden Gems

It is not necessary to shop or sit in a café when you visit Baniyas. You have a lovely rented car with you. Enjoy the place by simply driving in and around the place and relax. You would feel younger from inside.

Talk to a Rentals Service

By now, you might have become really interested in exploring Baniyas. Talk to a rental service provider regarding this.

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